Saturday, November 10, 2007

Moment of Intervention....

There are hundreds of micro-moments in a child's life that can have ultimately have a major impact down the road.

I dropped Tonka off at nursery school on Thursday. As we were hanging up her coat, a friend runs up to her and says,

"Don't play with Jane. She's not being nice."

Tonka didn't really react, but I intervened in a BIG way.

"Tonka, just because Jane isn't playing nicely with Molly doesn't mean that you shouldn't be nice to her."

And I continued to drive home the point of

  1. not succumbing to peer pressure
  2. staying open-minded

When she got home, Tonka made a point of telling me that she played nicely with Jane.

Like the comment made to me in college about a professor that changed my outlook on business. Call it the Iceberg Theory of Change or what you will, but, when your kids are young, if you are there to help shape character, the impact can be tremendous.

*Names changed to protect pretty much everyone.

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