Monday, November 12, 2007

The Joy of Home Repair...Seriously

When the nameless and I were newlyweds, we spent the weekend with my great Uncle Bob in the Hamptons.

I remember him saying, "I think home ownership is a pain in the ass. There is always something going wrong."

He's right, of course, well insofar as something is always going wrong.

I guess I've decided that, though it is frustrating, I kind of like the challenge.

There are so many systems at play. There is an opportunity to be strategic in your thinking...penny wise and not pound foolish.

For example, since Saturday night, I have

  1. replaced an outside light bulb, while identifying that one of my X-10 switches is probably fried (due to my use of compact fluorescent bulbs)
  2. went to home depot to buy
    1. a drain snake--so I could unclog the shower drain (which I did)
    2. humidifier filter on furnace (replaced)
    3. air filter on furnace (replaced with new eco-friendly, reusable version)
  3. put the car seats in the new Honda (it's been 72 hours since we took delivery and we still haven't driven it!)
  4. raked and piled some leaves

I don't know, there's just so much going on and I enjoy trying to stay on top of it.

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