Sunday, November 04, 2007

Tax Increase in Md...

Tip O'Neill said, "All Politics is Local," so I am going local (and loco) for a moment.

I remember chatting with a friend during Nov. 2006 and encouraging him not to vote for Martin O' Malley. He felt "it was time for a change."

I then said, "ok, will you pay the difference in my taxes when they are raised?"

He laughed.

Well, O' Malley is trying to push through a tax increase that would raise the income tax on people who make over $150k per year from 4.5 to 6%. In addition, a 1% increase in the car titling tax and an increase in the gasoline tax.

Bill is on its way. You know who you are.

A few links to review, if you are interested.

And if you aren't happy, drop him a line here

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