Monday, November 19, 2007


Stewart, a loyal blog reader, was criticizing me for my Skype profile image. He said that an "open-necked" shirt didn't offer a professional image (since I use Skype, sometimes, for work).

That led to a conversation on style and fashion and 3 months ago, Stewart offered to bring me a first-class shirt/tie combination for my brother's wedding this past weeked in St. Paul, MN.

I completely forgot, but Stewart didn't. Not only did he bring one, he brought 2, lest my better half disapprove.

He told me that I "looked like a million bucks," of course I said, I was about $500k, since my boy took the cake in the male fashion category.

Now, while on the subject of neckwear, I have to relate this anecdote.

In sum, it is "you can take the boy out of Israel, but can't take Israel out of the boy."

My cousin Shai, a Harvard Ph.D and Stanford post-doc in bioinformatics, calls me 45 minutes before the wedding and asks to come down to my room.

He needs help tying his necktie. The two he owns, both permantenly tied, are not with him (he just moved to Palo Alto) and, of course, being Israeli, tying a tie is not part of his skill set.

So, Shai, here's a diagram for the classy Windsor knot.

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