Thursday, November 08, 2007

Panel Pundit...

I displayed a solid lack of judgment this AM.

I erroneously figured I could arrive at Dulles airport at 7.15am, go to the Microsoft Reston office to get my flu shot (I was the 1st one) and still make it to the panel on time.


REALLY bad call.

I didn't prioritize effectively and I almost blew it.


I walked in 20 minutes late to a PACKED room (about 220 people) and there on the dais was an empty seat with my name in front of it.

I sauntered on up...and proceeded to have a blast.

My basic points to the Professional Liability Underwriters Society of America will be nothing new to readers of the blog.

  1. Companies can't control the message anymore. People are the message. What that means for you is the nature of risk is completely different.
  2. Conversations about companies and products (therefore risk creating scenarios) are occuring on company sanctioned sites, but more often on other places (blogs, Facebook, etc.)
  3. Web 2.0 is a strategy. It's not a technology set.

I did my best to inject humor, add value by referencing new ideas and sites (heck, at one point, I referred to Prosper  and how they are disintermediating the banks. At which point, the panelist next to me ( 's CEO, Luis) and I began a 2 minute mini-brainstorming session about how the same thing could happen to the entire insurance industry. NOt sure that went over so well! :-)

Anyway, got some nice accolades, handed out the biz cards, and hopefully launched my pundit career and furthered the global microbrand.

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