Sunday, November 25, 2007

Playdates and the kitchen...

At Microsoft, we talk about "scaling through partners."

What that means is "how do you work with others that aren't on your payroll to achieve the same goals more cost-effectively?"

Well, I live the same motto at home as at work.

On Friday, we had synchronized playdates as Paco and Tonka each had a friend and I was the only adult in the house. (Tonka had another one in the PM). And, again, this AM 4 kids in the house.

The playdates are my partners, as it were, in keeping my kids engaged.

As far as managing the kids, it is just like preparing a nice meal with a lot of pots on the stove at once. You just need to stay aware of the situation with each kid.
  • who is probably going to be hungry?
  • who is going to need a change of activity/environment?
  • who should be advised to go the bathroom?
  • how long is the right amount of time?
Like a good chef, if you can keep this in mind, you will have a successful series of playdates.
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