Friday, November 02, 2007

Punished for Obeying the Law...

The contractor of choice for our family is Jorge. He's from Bolivia and a real-life American immigrant success story.

Today, he finished putting some additional insulation in my attic (I'm up to 18 inches with a combined R-64, if that doesn't do it, nothing will.)

As he was leaving, he said to me:

My business is in jeopardy. There are more and more illegal immigrants coming to the area and now everyone can undercut my legal prices.

I don't get the feeling that he's whining about competition, he's upset about the unlevel playing field.

Then, I realized, that yet again, I am forced to pay more (being punished) for obeying the law (see caregiver story for more).

I resent that. A LOT.

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