Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Power of Attorney for Healthcare Directives

I've been working on developing my sense of empathy and compassion to balance out my rational/logical approach.

The other day, I had an experience which felt quite validating in terms of achieving that objective (but trust me, I have a lot to learn and many miles to travel--advice is welcome!)

A friend of mine called and asked if (after his wife), he could give me the Power of Attorney for his Healthcare Directive.

I considered this a great honor as it provided external validation that he considered my emotional and logical realms to be balanced in order to make what could be a really difficult decision.

Now, I share this not to get kudos, but to inspire all of you to

1. write out a Healthcare Directive if you don't have one
2. give someone you trust the Power of Attorney

These are important decisions that hopefully you'll never have to confront, but we all know how Life works (or doesn't).