Friday, November 02, 2007

Car Buying Crazy...Cont'd

After a chat with my brother, I've decided that I should go with the Honda (and a special call out to Ahava for a nice ripping on my Facebook wall!)

The only question is, when?

Jeremy Lustman (one of the savviest financial people I know--go ask him for help, if you need it) is questioning why I should even buy now instead of 3 months from now.

Good question, but there's a peace of mind, even though it's irrational, is just getting it over with. I want it off my plate.

Of course, to do that, will cost me real money.

The whole experience has given me some cause for introspection.

It comes down to my ego. Seriously.

You see, if everyone is buying an Odyssey (or a Sienna), what Natan Zimand has called the "ubiquivans," I just don't want to do it.

I am motivated to "get more value and pay less," because, for whatever reason, I want to feel that I didn't just "follow along with the masses blindly."

Perhaps more bluntly, maybe b/c I just want to "feel smarter."

Maybe it's a competitive nature, I don't know.

On the flip side, I should, perhaps, take a "wisdom of the crowds" approach. If people like Jeremy and Ahava (and a BIG call out to Kevin and Shuly Babitz for the connection to the right dealer and the strong endorsement, plush phone call, of the Odyssey!) are saying "go with the Honda," it's because they have already done the homework, are as savvy (if not more so) as I, and have the same priorities (safety and economy) as I do.

When do you follow others and when do you insist on forging your own way?

Good question to ponder as I raise my kids...and myself.

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