Thursday, November 08, 2007

Fellow Travelers...

Any trip home that begins by pulling into the car rental return where the car in front of you has a 979 license plate...well, you know you're going to be ok.

Maybe that's what put me into such a talkative mood going down the gangway of the United redeye.

Behind me was this cute little girl and we started chatting (she asked about my T-mobile Dash). I started showing off the features (hey, had to impress her) and took her picture. She gave me her email address (so I could send it to her from my phone, Kaylin Sellers).

Now, as a Redskins fan, I know the name Mike Sellers, though most wouldn't, but when we got to Dulles, and she said that she was going to see her dad, but he couldn't pick her up b/c he "had practice," that's when I found out that she is Mike Sellers' daughter.

Her dad gives it his all and I told her to be proud of him (and sent him a note as well!)

Now, I've discovered the joy of Ambien for redeye flights, so only this morning when I woke up did I notice the woman across the aisle from me.

I kept thinking, "I know her from somewhere..." but I didn't ask.

Later, in the terminal, we ended up next to each other (that always happens, right?) Well, it turns out she is a JHU grad and we both recognize each other's names, though we can't figure out why. Her name?

Robin Jacobson. She's a Poli Sci prof at Bucknell and graduated in '96. Any JHU grads out there can help me?

Anyway, travel to me is about meeting people and on one flight (I didn't even mention Avgi, the Navy captain next to me), I had a chance to meet (and reconnect with some really nice ones).
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