Thursday, January 18, 2007

Does college really make sense?

An interesting article (from WSJ) questioning the value of college education for everyone. Sure to be somewhat controversial.

Tangentially related, I had a mild 'eye-opening' experience a few years ago.

As part of a team exercise, we went around the room and each colleague identified the college s/he attended.

By the measure of "name-brand" or "US News," I had gone to the top-ranked school of all my peers.

But, in that room, I didn't really matter.

Here was a room of people for whom I had/have a TREMENDOUS amount of respect and confidence in their intellectual/professional abilities. They were, in my estimation, very "smart" and they possessed a commendable work ethic.

Most importantly, they performed exceedingly well in the marketplace of commerce.

I started to the value of the education at a Hopkins, Harvard, Penn, Columbia, etc. for liberal arts so much better than Bucknell, Michigan State, or Texas? Or is this just another case of "branding" and marketing?
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