Monday, August 06, 2007

Movie Review: Family Man

Take "It's a Wonderful Life" and put it in the mirror and you get The Family Man. Still, since I get choked up every time I see Jimmy Stewart, this movie did it for me.

Instead of a family man (Stewart) seeing what life would be like w/o his family, Nic Cage (a single Wall St. M&A guy) gets to see what would happen if he chose the family route.

A romantic comedy that, at times, got me a bit emotional. Appreciating my (unnamed) wife and my two kids and helping to keep perspective (hard as that is sometimes) on what truly is important.

Some light moments, some profound ones, but nothing too deep. Still, a good movie.

(Always a bit tough when you see movies where the Twin Towers are in the NYC skyline shot).

3.5 stars
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