Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Rooting for Teams as a Day Trader

Paco and I were talking about the upcoming football season as he reviewed the schedule on the ESPN ScoreCenter app (I didn’t have the heart to tell him about the lockout).

He said, “I need to decide which team I am going to root for this year.”

Last year, I had given him a hard time because he seemed to change his mind about his “favorite team” every few weeks, depending on who was winning.

The ultimate “fair weather fan.”

Then, he shares his methodology with me.

“I am going to see which team wins by the most points on the first game of the season. Then, I will root for them.”

“But,” he went on, “if they lose 2 games in a row, I will find a new team the same way.”

At first, I thought, “this isn’t the way you are supposed to find your favorite team,” but then it occurred to me that his approach is how we look at many things in our lives.

If a stock is doing well, you stay with it. If it underperforms, you sell and move on.

He’s just bringing that same discipline to athletics.

We all know that corporate loyalty is dead in its traditional sense. Who says you have to stay loyal to a professional sports team?

It’s not like they love you back.

I think we might take this approach this year. Why not?

Besides, this way, we’ll have a team in the playoffs and a good chance that we’ll win the Super Bowl as well.

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