Friday, June 03, 2011

“They think it’s a book…”

Another interesting airplane story, following up on the line jumping incident.

I was flying back from Toronto and noticed on the ascent (you know, when you are not supposed to be using any electronic devices) that the guy across the aisle from me was using his Kindle.

Now, I already had a negative view of this fellow because, ironically enough, he had completely cut me off when boarding the plane.

Then, on the descent, the announcement was made “anything with an on/off switch needs to be put away,” and he kept reading his Kindle.

So, I tapped him and asked, innocently enough, “hey, is there some sort of exception for the Kindle?”

He said, “the wi-fi isn’t on.”

"Uh, well, I thought it was ‘any electronic device.”

Then he says, “well, my cover for the Kindle makes it look like a book, so usually flight attendants don’t notice it and don’t say anything?”


Are we in 2nd grade trying to not get caught by the teacher?

I thought the point was to avoid electronic interference and follow the rules?

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