Monday, June 06, 2011

End of the Nursery Era…

Gotta love the Diaper Genie!

Image by SonnyandSandy via Flickr

Ever since we moved into our house, we’ve had one room that we called “the nursery.”

It had a pile of diapers, a diaper genie (which worked mostly well) and a semi-baby feel.

We always knew that, eventually, Nadia and Tikkanen would share a room and that Paco, being the only boy, would have his own room.

We just didn’t know when it would happen.

Recently, Lakkanen (aka Nadia) has been sleeping in the same room (on a mattress on the floor) with the older two.

Paco liked this…sometimes.

Other times, he didn’t.

Then, he said, “I want my own room…now.”

We told him…”ok, but if you do this, there’s no going back.”

He agreed.

So, we made the switch.

Just another milestone on the parenthood path.

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