Thursday, June 02, 2011

Recycling, the Smell, and our Future…

It was difficult for me to walk around the Montgomery County Recycling facility and not feel a bit MoCo Recycling Center Field Trip First Grade Calanit (14)guilty.

I was there as a chaperone on Tikkanen’s 1st grade class trip and while the science, process, and automation weren’t fascinating, I was a bit dismayed by just how much STUFF this one facility on this one day in this one place during this 10 minute tour was processing.

It was mammoth.

I certainly wouldn’t be considered to be a person on the forefront of the Green movement, but my awareness, starting with An Inconvenient Truth, has certainly been raised recently.

I compost (or try to), am investigating solar for my roof. I’m pretty good aMoCo Recycling Center Field Trip First Grade Calanit (2)nd diligent about paper/plastic recycling.

Still, I saw all of this…all the one use drink bottles and felt pangs.

Pangs for the world that our kids could inherit.

Pangs for the disregard/lack of knowledge we’ve had in the past for the environment.

As I saw somewhere once, “we’re on a spaceship with finite resources on an infinite voyage…we can’t afford to waste things.”

I just wonder if more people would have the same reaction going through there as I did.

One thing you notice is the smell…and this isn’t garbage, itMoCo Recycling Center Field Trip First Grade Calanit (4)’s recycling.

I saw the people who work there…4 days per week, 10 hours a day, moving our cast away stuff to help our future planet.

They had my gratitude.

Definitely a worthwhile visit and a perspective changer.

Here’s a video of the process.

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