Friday, June 24, 2011

From skeptics to believers…still skeptical

imageGrowing up, my dad would often propose or initiate a family trip/outing to some location (say Mammoth Cave, KY).

Especially as we got older, we would protest and resist, doubting the merits of the trip and complaining about something.

Invariably, a life memory and life lesson would be created.

In a weird type of “pay it forward” moment, I feel like I getting what I gave because my kids are starting to do the same.

For our second outing of this no-school, no-camp week, the “team” and I went to visit the National Arboretum.

My basically philosophy on these types of things is the same I had when I was dating: Do something I want to do anyway.

I’d never been there and, perhaps I am over-confident, but I believe I can make anything fun and educational for my kids.

As I explained our destination, I was met with resistance.

(Admittedly, it wasn’t the worst type of resistance…Tonka REALLY wanted to go to the National Gallery of Art Smile)

Being the Benevolent Despot that I am, I drove the agenda.

Within minutes of our arrival, we saw the Japanese Koi pond and all three of them (Nadia included) said, “This is sooooo cool!!!”


We also saw the National Bonsai garden, the original columns from the US Capitol building and an herb garden.

A lot of walking, some beautiful scenery and we did it all in 80 minutes.

On the way home, I asked Tonka, “so, every time I tell you we are going somewhere, you tell me it’s not going to be fun. Then, you tell me, it was fun. Are you ever going to just believe me?”

“No,” she replied.

At least she’s honest.

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