Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I learned from Dirk Nowitzki this week...

Well, not really learned, but I was inspired by him.

On Sunday, I flew out to Seattle. Got in bed around 11.30pm PST with a planned wake-up at 6.10.

For whatever reason, I got up at 2.15 and, try as I might (and I tried a LOT of things), I could not fall back asleep. It was brutal.

I knew I had a REALLY long day ahead of me and, for a moment, I started to panic (particularly since I had to be 'on' for most of the day).

Then, I said, "wait, I'm here...there's nothing I can do anymore to solve this problem, so like Dirk with his 101 fever in Game 4, I just had to do it and not complain about it."

The client doesn't care if I'm tired. They expect value for their money.

So, I just said, "gotta do my job, like Dirk."

And, you know what?

It helped.
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