Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Being a Boy Today…

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We spend a lot of time as a society, in my estimation, thinking about the changing role of women. About equality in the workforce and the schools, etc.

As the father of 2 daughters, I care about that a lot.

But, I also have a son and, according to this TED talk by Ali Carr-Chellman, it seems like society is starting to forget or discount what it means to be a boy.

And the consequences for them are pretty disturbing in terms of dropouts, detentions, disenfranchisement and more.

Then, fast forward a few years and Hanna Rosin, in her TED talk “New data on the rise of women” shares that the job prospects for men are bleak and getting bleaker.

As a man (or maybe I should just say ‘male,’) I figured I knew what to do as it relates to my son, Paco. I’m a guy…it’s obvious, isn’t it?

It is with the girls where I have to focus since the odds of messing that up are higher.

But, these two powerful presentations opened my eyes to the risks on the boy side of the equation.

Worth the watch.

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