Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Gratitude Journal: Day 30- Emart

For 4.5 years at Sprinklr, my steadfast travel companion was Eric Marterella. We shared many train rides and hotel rooms.  Plus, if you ask nicely, he'll tell you what Marriott thinks about the two of us.

Over time, however, as jobs change, etc., you find that the people with whom you have day-to-day contact are no longer day-to-day contacts.  Relationships change.

So, it was quite fortuitous that Emart (as he is known) was taking the train from DC to NYC at the exact same time I had planned, so we got to hang out and catch up on some great times.

Today, I am grateful for friends who are willing to run 8 miles through Central Park together in 10 degree January weather.

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