Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Gratitude Journal- Day 16-- Erica and Alice

Apparently, for the last 8 months, all of my e-bills that were meant to go to BGE Home have, instead been going to BGE.

These are 2 different entities.

As you can imagine, I was surprised and unhappy to learn that BGE Home thought I owed them $1,000 for payments that I thought I had already made.

Naturally, I wasn't excited about the prospect of having to clean this mess up and so, as I made my way to Erica (at BGE) and Alice (at my bank), I may have been a little more curt and gruff than I would have liked.

This was probably email #15 and call #6 around the still unresolved issue.

So, I was thrilled to find two people who seem to genuinely care about solving this issue and doing so with empathy and compassion, even if I wasn't as nice as I could or should have been.

What Erica and Alice showed me is how to be graceful under pressure and how to be professional when a customer/client is stressed.

One of the things I struggle with, at times, is treating everyone with the respect they deserve simply by virtue of the fact that they are human beings.

I'm getting better at it and I'm not proud to admit that I have this problem, but I am grateful for people like Erica and Alice who demonstrate how it can be done and how you can get things done at the same time.

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