Friday, October 12, 2007

Mentoring Pay It Forward...

I took a new job within Microsoft yesterday. Beginning in Nov. More on that later.

The offer came in around 1pm via email. Of course, as a salesperson by training, I know that you NEVER accept the first offer. Got to see if there is wiggle room.

So instead of heading in w/guns blazing (hey, maybe I am maturing), I called one of my mentors, Bill Forsyth, and asked his sage, calm advice.

Which he gave.

5 times.

Over email, IM, and phone in a harried 6 hours (you know me, I'm like a pitbull.)

I said to him at one point, "wow, you really are ready for game time."

He responded: "You know, this is the 4th time this week that I've been asked to play a mentoring role (not all contract related)."

"You really are valued."

"When you get to my age (he's 50), there are more people below you than above!"

"Well," I said, "I guess I will just have to Pay It Forward."

And you know what? Today, I did.

Two of my mentees called me asking for career advice (Andy Ridinger and Scott Chait) and I was able to provide it. Useful? I don't know :-)  Next task...get them to improve their shoddy LinkedIn profiles.

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