Monday, July 16, 2007

Sharing Your Photos...

I'm as big a fan as the next guy of sharing your family/vacation photos with your friends.

But, remember please, that just because it is easy for you to upload all 150 pictures to a website, doesn't mean that it's easy for us to VIEW all of them.

My suggestions for making people actually look at the pictures you put online (that is the point, right?)

  1. EDIT-there's no reason why I need to see 8 pictures of the same horse with your kid. 1 gives me the flavor. Now, move on.
  2. Avoid meaningless pictures--your best friend from high school in a bar? Nice, but I don't know him and it has no meaning for me. Make them something that shows you, your family, or something I wouldn't see otherwise.
  3. Keep it brief-how about 20 that tell the entire story? That's about enough.
  4. Don't make me sign in--I don't want to visit a site with a password (or have to create another username/password). If I can't just access it, there's a lot less chance I'll view them.

Harsh? Maybe. But, my hunch is I am writing what others think. So, if you want us to share in your experience (and we do), make it very consumable.

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