Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Inspiring Quote...

"The only thing worse than not having the skills you need to meet your challenges is not having challenges big enough to summon all of your skills."
I found this while reading Best Life magazine. It sells itself as "what matters most to men" and I got it on a fluke.

About 2 months ago, USAir told me that I had 7,000 miles that were about to expire. I could use them to order magazines...which I did...about 10 in all. And, now we're inundated.

I was skeptical about Best Life. It seemed like it could be very lightweight reading, but the issues I've seen so far and the discussions of fatherhood and its challenges have actually been stimulating.

We also got Scientific American, Self, Men's Vogue, Fast Company, and a few others that I don't remember and haven't arrived yet.
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