Sunday, June 24, 2007

Movie Review: Last King of Scotland

I was a little disappointed that the end of the movie only had two sentences about the Israelis coming into Entebbe and rescuing the hostages, as I would have enjoyed seeing Idi Amin getting his comeuppance. 

I thought Forest Whitaker was just awesome as the "Last King of Scotland" and reminded me why we enjoyed watching him so much when he was starring on ER.

The movie, of course, deals with yet another sad chapter in African history (see Hotel Rwanda). The slaughter of 300,000 Ugandans, how absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the cruelty that humans can inflict upon each other. The movie makes you think about "ok, what will it take to get Africa on the right track?" [and here's an African economist who says 'stop the aid! It does more harm than good!']

In an interesting twist, it touched on the catalyst for the movie Mississippi Masala, but from another perspective.

As a history buff, one who was familiar with Amin beforehand, and likes to learn about places which I hardly understand (i.e. Africa), this was a good movie.

I'll say 4 stars.

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