Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Movie Review: Crash

An intense and a bit melodramatic film that makes you think about how you think about people and racial stereotypes. A bit on the dark side of human nature, but enveloping, intricate, and encompassing.

With so many characters involved, you don't get a lot of time with each one, yet the director does a tremendous job of pulling you in with a only a little bit of information so that you can identify with them.

At times, it's so over top as to be unbelievable, but that's intentionally done so that you have to question yourself about the underlying premise to the situation.

Of course, there's one scene where a wife goes to her husband's place of work and apologizes to him for a fight. As I told my spouse, "when I saw that, I just couldn't trust anything in the film. That just doesn't happen!"


4.5 stars

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