Tuesday, May 24, 2011

20th Reunion and the Value of Childhood Friends

Class of 1991 20th Reunion--part 2 (7)

People who have known you for 60-85% of your life play a special role.

They give you the perspective, in part, on how you have become the person you are.

I can’t remember which book it was that said it, but your friends have a HUGE influence on your personal development.

This past week, I had a chance to reconnect with some of the people who have done that for me for my 20th high school reunion.

My graduating class was small..only 41 seniors and there were those who had started kindergarten with me.

We had a chance to reminisce, of course, but also to reflect.

I got the sense from some (I know I felt this way) that this was one of the first moments in our lives where we’d had the opportunity to say, “whoa…a lot of time has passed.”

It’s easy to do that when you remember playing basketball in first grade with that person.

But, I also think these types of friends and people are some of the ones who can help “keep it real” for us.

So to speak, “they remember us when…” and as a result, are less likely to be impressed by fluff or BS and, in many cases, will “tell it like it is.”

I think we all know that, as we age, the true friends are the ones who have the ability to serve that role for us.

Seeing childhood friends who are willing (and often happy!) to help in that respect, even if it isn’t often enough, is how they continue to influence your development for the rest of your life.

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