Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How Speaking German Paid Off in Canada…

Skyline of Toronto

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Arriving in Toronto in early May, I knew I would have to go to the “special immigration” section since I was there on business and, well, the Canadians like to vet business travelers.

Good for them.

I’d been in the airport for almost an hour. The line at the first, general immigration checkpoint was ENORMOUS.

I got into the secondary screening room and was 6th inline.

At the front, I saw some Immigration officials struggling to communicate with a guy. After a minute, I realized, he was speaking German and the officer’s Deutsch was, shall we say, not the greatest.

I shouted out from the line, “Hey, I speak German…maybe I can help.”

So, I did, resolving their issue.

Then, the officer said to me, “Thanks for that, let me take your Passport.”

Which allowed me to jump 5 spaces in line Winking smile

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