Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Modern Art and High-Tech…DC Outing

Hirshhorn Museum Washington, D.C. 1974

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Our latest DC area outing, designed to foster both an appreciation of my kids’ hometown, but also a sense of curiosity and wonder, took us initially to the Hirshhorn museum, which focuses on modern art.

It is FAR from the most kid-friendly place at the Smithsonian and we (I was joined by a number of my family members) had to do double duty to make sure that the kids didn’t run around or touch the exhibits (which wasn’t easy), but we were able to get them engaged in some of the sculptures and the art.

Featured that day was Blinky Palermo (of whom I had never heard), but certainly gave Paco and Tonka something to think about…which was the point.

IMG_0720All of my kids are artistic, so at the very least, they were engaged at that level. The objective was to stimulate their right brains and I can safely say “Mission Accomplished.”

Not my favorite museum in DC, but worth the hour or so we were there for sure.

Next door is one of the crown jewels of DC, the Air and Space Museum. We’ve been there 5 or 6 times already and it never gets old.

All in all, a strong day of artistic and technical inspiration and, once again, I feel like we can make the case that DC is one of the best tourist cities (even for those who live here) anywhere in the world.

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