Friday, May 27, 2011

Past, Present, and Future…at the same time

Ice skating is posbile altough there is no win...

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The NFO did me a huge favor the other day as I was about to take Tonka to her ice skating lesson.

She said, “don’t take your Kindle, put away your phone, just watch.”

Sometimes, I need that reminder…and it was worth it.

What that led to was not just a great 30 minutes (ok, 24 since I did check a few times) of watching Tonka, but a much deeper appreciation for what I was witnessing.

Subsequently, I had similar experiences walking Nadia to school and playing catch with Paco.

I had an eerier feeling of being in three time dimensions as the same time.

I was thinking back to when they were babies/infants and could not do any of the things they can do now.

I was appreciating what they are able to do right now.

And, I was thinking about a point in the future where I would be thinking back to this moment and cherishing the memory.

It was powerful and I’m grateful that the NFO helped me focus.

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