Wednesday, September 01, 2010

My Kids and Presidents…

My kids are ENAMORED with the Presidents of the US now.

They both can name them all in order.

Ask them a question, say “who was the 27th President?” and they will tell you.

It’s ridiculous.

They go around saying, “I really want to go see the house of John Quincy Adams.”

In the car ride to the beach, they were quizzing my sister on Presidential trivia.

When she failed to answer correctly, they just plainly stated, “Aunt Kira, you aren’t very good at this.”

I had the chance to be a hero to my son the other day, as we went down the list of Presidents (again!) and he asked me if I had any connection to any of them (a visit to a memorial, a presidential library, an inauguration, etc…they all count. Even Mt. Rushmore counts).

But, when I said, “well, I have a picture of me standing next to Bill Clinton,” he said, “Let’s go look at it RIGHT NOW!!”

And so, digging through my scrapbooks (pre-digital), I found the picture from when I met Clinton while he was Governor of Arkansas, right before he went on to give a long-winded 35 minute speech at the Democratic National Convention in 1992 in Atlanta.

My son was impressed.

with Bill Clinton at 1992 Democratic National Convention

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