Friday, September 03, 2010

From the mouths of babes…

The NFO was away for a day and a half this week (Wed-Thurs), so I was “on point.”

Thursday morning, it was my responsibility to drive carpool and because the NFO was away, I had to take Nadia with us to drop off Tikkanen and Paco.

Thing is, for reasons I won’t go into right now, the TWO car seats that we have for her were not in our house or available.

I wouldn’t say I panicked, but I started to get concerned. I started thinking how I could make this happen and hatched a somewhat crazy backup plan.

While I was scurrying about, Tonka said to me, “I want to tell you something.”

“Not now, princess, I have to figure this out.”

After a few more minutes of phone calls and machinations, she said, “hey, why don’t we just take the booster seat that nobody likes and attach the part from the basement?”

I stood there shocked.

She remembered what I had forgotten.

We actually HAD a car seat that would work for Nadia, but it had been disassembled to a booster for so long that it didn’t occur to me (or the NFO, whom I had consulted.)

Sure enough, that was the best answer. We did it. Problem solved.

I kicked myself…and reminded myself (after the kick), that “you know, my kids are pretty damn smart.”

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