Friday, September 24, 2010

Every Moment of Strategic Importance…

The line that has stuck with me for the past few months from Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle is the one where the authors say that a key driver of Israel’s ability to innovate is that “every moment is one filled with the utmost of strategic importance.”

Now, an existential threat to your life and the growth of a business hardly compare in real terms, but in nominal terms, I’ve started to look at every interaction that way.

Perhaps that’s why I get so tense sometimes.

I look at the upcoming month of October and think about the number of deliverables which are coming due and how each of them represent, in some way, the culmination of many months of work.

And, the results of those interactions will, at least in some part, be the verdict of whether (at the moment), the Never Stop Marketing voyage is on the right track.

That makes every moment leading up to the 1st two weeks of October one of "strategic importance.”

And while that is nerve-wracking, it also forces a prioritization which may not otherwise occur. It puts you in the moment.

And that’s really life-affirming.

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