Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jew’s Ear Juice…and the Secret of Jewish Success

I’ve long heard that the Chinese equate “Jew” with “business acumen.”

Heck, I actually thought that Jews could run seminars in China teaching the key components. Thing is, we don’t know. Or do we?

Well, in China, there’s a drink called “Jew’s Ear Juice” which is kind of like Gatorade for business, I guess.

On a more practical level is a recent gift I received from my buddy, Jeremy Lustman, called Jewish Wisdom for Business Success: Lessons from the Torah and Other Ancient Textsalt

Now, you’ll probably get faster results drinking the beverage from China, but for sustained performance, you may want to consider some of the ideas offered by Brackman (a Rabbi) and Jaffe (a business writer).

They demonstrate how many of the traits that are rewarded in business are actually the morals of stories in the Old Testament.

How we learn to deal with failure (from Moses’ mistake of hitting the rock in the desert instead of talking to it) is just one of them.

They further expound that much of the knowledge extended from the Torah and the teaching of the Rabbis build off of that, such as one of my favorits, “The whole world is a narrow bridge. The important thing is to have no fear.” (Rabbi Nachman of Breslov).

If I were Brackman and Jaffe’s marketing advisor, I’d tell them to get the book translated into Mandarin.

I enjoyed it as it gave me yet another angle on the books of the tradition and proves that, even on the Sabbath, it’s ok to never stop marketing :-)

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