Thursday, August 04, 2011

Mosaics in Baltimore…

The Baltimore Museum of Art has a special place in my heart. Baltimore Museum of Art field trip with Moskowitz family (23)

It’s adjacent to the Hopkins campus and it’s where I really developed a strong appreciation for art during college.

My mother, the Art History major, insisted that I take a History of Art class.

I was initially skeptical, but quickly learned to love and appreciate it (yes, mom, again, you were right).

So, on our recent field trip, we took the kids on a field trip to the Baltimore Museum of Art and, thanks to some research of my sister-in-law, we were able to take advantage of a kid-focused program about mosaics from the ancient Near East.Baltimore Museum of Art field trip with Moskowitz family (3)

I actually learned a lot myself as the guide explained in a kid-friendly, but not overly basic way how mosaics are designed and made as well as the purpose they served.

Then, the activity was for the kids to use the mosaics on the wall as inspiration for their own drawing and subsequent painting.

If you find yourself in Charm City, take a moment…the collections there are truly world-class.

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