Monday, August 22, 2011

Israel and Europe…

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Say what you will about Don Rumsfeld (and I know there’s a lot to say), I think he got it right when he called it “Old Europe.”

For historical reasons (both recent Jewish and recent geo-political reasons), Israel has put a lot stock in the opinions of European countries, particularly UK and France, it would seem.

However, I think it is time for a paradigm shift…

After what we have seen in Europe recently…(riots in UK, shootings in Norway, debt issues everywhere), it’s clear that Europe is preoccupied with major structural issues, its relevance is waning, and, frankly, this is opinion, it has lost its moral compass.

So, where should Israel turn?


India and China.

They don’t have the historical anti-Semitism issues. In fact, Jews, are often times revered (ok, it’s for “they control the money and are rich” reasons), but at least it’s not “we have you because you’re the other or you killed our Lord.”

Fortunately, this is happening, in many ways.

Look at El Al’s flight patterns, for one. The work of the Israel-Asia center and I know there’s a lot of cooperation already, but I think it’s time to just stop worrying about the Europeans…the paradigm is shifting and while you just have to “play nice,” I don’t think you need to kowtow too much.

Old news to some, but on my mind today.

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