Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Accidental Discoveries…

IMAG0020The US Patent and Trademark Office museum is full of stories of accidents that became innovations and products.
I loved the one about how Popsicles were created. Basically, some guy mixes soda, water, juice and leaves a stirring stick outside and then, wouldn’t you know it, there’s an unusually cold night and bang…
People love it.
Next thing you know, it’s a product being sold 2 billion times a year.
The Planters peanut guy? Designed by a 14 year old in Chicago after the company made a contest for their new mascot. I guess “crowdsourcing” isn’t a new idea.
And it was an accidental discovery that I found it in the first place.
I had been invited to speak on a panel about social marketing to people at US PTO. It’s a beautiful facility (I had never been there) in Alexandria, VA and as I was walking through, I saw the museum, so since I think about innovation a lot (i.e. all the time), I stopped in.
I’m glad I did.
It was inspirational.
Not a huge museum, but if you’re in the neighborhood, worth a look (and free!)
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