Friday, February 04, 2011

Tonka: Only relevant emails, please…

As I mentioned, Tonka has use of an iPhone.

Until recently, she was the only one of the kids who could read and thus was a conduit for all messages to her siblings.

Paco, however, has been learning and, as a right of passage, I felt like it was time to get him his own account.

My mom didn’t know yet that he had been set up (it was still new) and sent a note to Tonka asking her to relay a message to Paco.

Her reply:

From: Tonka Epstein
Date: December 27, 2010 9:07:37 AM EST
To: Nannie

Subject: Paco

Paco has his own email just so
You know you can email him
and you don't have to email me
if it's something I don't need
to know.

Sent with Love from my iPhone,


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