Friday, February 11, 2011

The Super Bowl in Bogota and the Social Media Connection

I watched the Super Bowl in Bogota, Colombia this year.

In the lobby of my hotel in the afternoon prior to the game, I met two guys who were contractors to the American Embassy.

They were headed over to the Hard Rock Café to watch the game with others.

I considered that, but was pretty tired from an early morning flight and also had a big day the following morning.

Instead, I watched the game in my room alone.

But not really.

The Super Bowl is, as you know, a social event and I felt like I was participating in a worldwide Super Bowl party.

Between Facebook and the Super Bowl “hashtag” on Twitter, I was able to participate and listen into the conversations and thoughts of both my friends and people I didn’t know.

Even though I didn’t see any of the commercials (they aren’t played internationally), I saw people’s reactions immediately.

I was alone, but that was the furthest feeling from my mind.

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