Wednesday, February 09, 2011

2000 Year Old Dig

Archaeological Dig at Beit Guvrin (11)

Though jet-lagged, Day 1 was an active one.

We took the kids to Beit Guvrin where we participated in a program run by Archaeological Seminars called “Dig for a Day.”

The guide, Missy, was great and she gave the kids a wonderful perspective on the 2000 year old cave in which we were digging.

The place was called “Tel Maresha” and there were something like 3500 caves which were quarries and storage facilities.

The kids were enraptured by the description and, as you can see, they got down and dirty.

Best part was that they found some pottery shards, so they were the first people to touch them in over 2000 years.

Very cool and a great way for the kids to connect with the land and the history.

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