Thursday, February 24, 2011

The real fun of travel…

is doing the stuff you would do at home, but doing it in another place.

It’s easy to go to the touristy places.

But, to see how other people live, you need a basis for comparison.

When I lived in Japan, I used to say “you really live in a country when you do your dry cleaning there.”

On our last day in Israel, I took the train into Tel Aviv and then a cab to the headquarters of Better Place in Israel (more on that later).

Simply the act of getting on the train, commuting, hailing a cab and going somewhere. That’s what I do when I’m at home and it’s how I get into the way of life in the country where I am visiting.

Then, of course, you take a cab and negotiate a price and, at the end of the ride, the cab driver says “oh, it’s going to be more” and you have a choice…pay him or say “sorry, man.”

That’s the fun.

I handed him the original amount (40 shekels) and went into the facility.

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