Sunday, February 06, 2011

New Nickname Alert/Glossary

As you know, one of my core philosophies as a father is that it is my responsibility to help my kids understand that change is life’s only constant.

To help them acclimate, I will periodically introduce new nicknames to keep them on their toes.

Recently, I was watching a biography of private equity legend, Henry Kravis. Financial and business types will remember him from the book “Barbarians at the Gate.”

Anyway, Kravis had two partners, Kohlberg and Roberts, and formed KKR.

So, now, I call my kids “Kohlberg, Kravis, and Roberts.”

The nickname glossary

  1. Tonka, Tikkanen, Kohlberg (age 7, girl)
  2. Paco, Maximus, Jokinen, Kravis (age 5, boy)
  3. Nadia, Lakkanen, Roberts, (age 3, girl)
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