Friday, April 29, 2011

Kids at Midnight: Constellation Outing

Winter Constellations and Zodiacal light

Image by Computer Science Geek via Flickr

A few days ago, I downloaded the GoSkyWatch Planetarium app on the iPad and was showing it to the kids at dinner time.

I told them, “this is how you know which stars are in the sky at night and the constellations they form.”

The kids then begged me to take them out at night to see it.

I was shocked when the NFO said, “OK, but only if you go to bed right now.”

And, they did.

At 12.30am, I woke them up, took them to a park and for about 6 minutes, we examined what we could of the night sky.

We saw Saturn (we think) and we had a true Remember the Maine moment.

I was proud of the NFO and of myself. We knew they’d be tired the next day (and the day after that and the day after that) considering it was a Tuesday night, but we recognized that sometimes you just have to “break the rules.”

The kids were tired while we were outside.

They were cold, too.

I’m not even sure they will remember it for years to come. Here’s to hoping they do.

I know I will and I will look it to as a North Star and guiding light for seizing a unique moment in parenting to instill in my kids a sense of curiosity and of wonder.

After all, that’s my job.

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