Thursday, April 28, 2011

When Good Deeds Pay Off….

BWI is my preferred airport. It’s convenient, relatively fast, and the parking lot tells you how many spots are on each level (animaged where they are.)
It’s a great airport.
Except if you arrive after 11pm and you have parked in the Daily Garage.
For some reason, shuttles are VERY few and far between at this time.
I arrived one night (morning, actually) at 2am and because my bag had been sent to BMI (Bloomington, Indiana) instead of BWI (Baltimore-Washington), I was outside with only a shirt and not the fleece and hat I had packed when leaving Florida (82) for Baltimore (29 degrees).
The shuttle just wasn’t coming, so I walked over to the cab drivers and offered to pay them to drive me to the parking lot. I was shocked by how long it took me to convince the cabbie (particuarly since we were the LAST flight of the night and no fares-bigger or smaller-were coming out).
Finally, I did it, but on the way, I instructed him to pull over so I could offer all of the other people waiting for the shuttle a free ride to the lot.
To my surprise, 2 of them said “no.”
But one of them, said yes.
Kelly Grammes is the marketing manager for 180s in the Baltimore area, an innovative company that designs unique outdoorwear.
She didn’t have any cash on her at the moment and I was prepared to pay anyway.
I said, “you know, just write something nice on my Facebook Fan Page wall,” which she did.
Then, she said, “I’ll send you some of our products so you can check them out as a ‘thank you.’”
To which I said, “ok, if they are good enough, I will blog about them.”
And they are.
The gloves and ear warmers she sent me are not only comfortable and functional, but they have a really unique twist to them. Here’s my video review (and below as well)
The gloves are made in such a way that you can use your touchscreen device w/o taking them off in the winter.
And the ear warmers?
Well, you can plug you mp3/iPhone into them. Very cool stuff.
Sometimes, it pays to be nice. Thanks, Kelly!
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