Thursday, April 21, 2011

It’s the Challenge of Business that I love…

I do like the freedom and flexibility of being my own boss. I like how, to a certain extent, I can impact my income.

But, I recently realized, what gets me going is just the challenge of growing and nurturing the business.

I like asking questions (and learning from the mistakes of my answers) such as:

  1. what’s the best use of my time now? this week? this month?
  2. what can I do to innovate and help other people more?
  3. what’s the best way to take my investment of money and time and get the best result from that investment?

You see, it’s not about the money, per se. Sure, like everyone, I need it to survive, but money, really, is just how I keep score. 

It’s as if I said, “ok, this year I ran the 10k in 55 minutes. Next year, I want to run it in 45 minutes. What do I need to do to make that happen?”

Aside from supporting my family at the right level, I don’t want the money for just having money (except, of course, that it makes that “mysterious technology/gadget slush fund” possible). I want it because it represents that this week, this month, this year, I just did it BETTER.

It means that I worked smarter (not just harder or longer) and was able to do all of the non-monetary things I want to do (like spending time with my family), but deliver more value to people.

That’s the challenge that inspires me about the whole enterprise.

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