Monday, January 10, 2011

Career Boost for Married Men: Work at Home

Man cave office

Image by Yasuhiko Ito via Flickr

After reading Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters, I realized that working at home is actually a competitive advantage for me.

According to the researchers, the research suggests that married men hit their “age-genius” curve peak at age 33.9, whereas unmarried men hit their peak at average age of 39.9.

The reason is obvious.

Married men, particularly after having kids, start to question their priorities in life and start investing their time in their family versus their careers.

Consequently, they have fewer opportunities for breakthrough insights to significantly advance their careers.

What’s more, they start saying “why should I be at the office when I could be at home with my kids?”

So, for someone who works at home and saves 2 hours on commuting plus have access to my “full office” pretty much all the time, it would seem that while I have less time than an unmarried man, I have a lot more time to devote to my business WHILE still devoting time to my family than I would if I worked in an office.

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