Monday, January 03, 2011

Teaching Perspective….

A few weeks back, Tonka celebrated her 7th birthday.

As part of the festivities, we were going to have a small party for her class at school.

The NFO had asked me to drive her to the bakery to pick out a cake, but being the kind of person I am (feel free to interpret that as you wish) and a general aversion to retail experiences (unless I’m on a marketing research trip) combined with a drive for efficiency, wondered if there was a better way.

I suggested to Tonka that we look online to see if we could pick out a cake and just call in the order for a later pickup.

There were no cakes online, but there were cupcakes and Tonka agreed to having those instead.

What’s more, she agreed to ordering some for which she didn’t see a picture (the baker just told us, sort of, what was available.)

To Tonka’s credit, she elected to say, “hey, they are cupcakes and I’m pretty sure that, no matter what, they will be yummy.”

Instead of throwing a fit about having a cake or about having to see each and every one of the cupcakes, she said, “they are JUST cupcakes” and she was more than satisfied that the objective (yummy treat) would be met.

I was thrilled by her response and perspective. So proud of her for that one.

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