Monday, August 25, 2008

What if Obama actually loses?

WASHINGTON - MARCH 14:  U.S. Sen. Barack Obama...Image by Getty Images via Daylife I think there are very few Republicans out there who would be surprised if McCain loses in November. Of course, they hope he won't and will do their part, but some of them are ready for that.

Now, Obama supporters on the other hand...well, it feels like there's a sense of inevitability. He's due. He's the one. Etc.

So, I just wonder, what happens if he loses?

Does the thought even enter the minds of his supporters?

And, if he does...

My concern is that the reaction will not be:

"I guess America prefers McCain and his politics."

And instead it will be something like:

"America is [fill in the blank]
  • racist and not ready for a black man to be President
  • stupid
  • not willing to vote in its own self-interests
  • gullible to Republican PR chicanery"
Call me a cynic.

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