Thursday, December 01, 2011

Kindle Fire Review…

Have had it for a few days now and here’s my take on it.

I like the size. I was walking around the National Gallery of Art and it fit in the pocket of my jeans. It also fits in the inside pocket of a jacket or neatly in a purse (I would think).

Battery life is fine. Not spectacular, but it works.

Screen is nice. Colors are great/vivid and the integration with Amazon stuff (of course) is first-rate. Videos and their cloud music service plus books, of course.

It is a bit heavier than I would have expected, but manageable and you can hold it with one hand.

For pure reading, I prefer the regular Kindle.

The downside?

The system, on occasion, does get a bit choppy and it’s frozen on me twice so far. No camera, no bluetooth. You also can’t get every Android app that you can get on a smartphone.

So, I guess the ultimate question is: Kindle Fire or iPad2?

Obviously, it comes down to budget and whether you’ll get $300 worth of extra value from the iPad. Personally, I would say yes, you would, but then again, it’s your money, not mine.

If, however, you are saying “I’d like a tablet like reader/viewer on which to purely consume content when I have a wi-fi connection,” then the Fire will do the trick for you.

It’s a solid first effort by Amazon, but it’s the first effort and will certainly improve down the road.

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