Friday, December 09, 2011

The Dignity of Work…


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The Japanese have a great culture of pride in your work. No matter what kind of job.

There may be lower level “McJobs,” but the people who perform them are not dissuaded and demoralized.

There are a ton of examples, but one was when I took the bullet train the other day from Tokyo station.

The cleaning crew had just finished from the previous journey.

They all exited the train in a line.

Then, they stood on the platform with the train at their back (all wearing uniforms), facing the customers (who were also waiting in a nice line to get on board.).

There was a short announcement (unfortunately, my Japanese isn’t what it once was, so I only got part of it) and the entire cleaning crew BOWED to the customers.

Just a great moment where they said, in effect, “we have cleaned this train so that you can board it and have a comfortable ride and we are proud of having done that.”

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